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Title: New Trends in IoT based Smart Parking
Authors: BELFAR, Ilyas
Keywords: Parking System
Connected Objects
Smart City
System Architecture
Urban Mobility
Parking Management
Issue Date: 2023
Abstract: ABSTRACT : Urban areas around the world experience constant exponential population growth and an increasing number of vehicles on the streets, and as a result, traditional parking operators with their classic infrastructure that requires a lot of human intervention are struggling to meet this enormous demand. Faced with this problem, one can only think of an intelligent parking system as a solution, and thanks to IoT technology, this solution is easy to implement and easier to use. IoT Intelligent parking systems use a variety of devices and technologies such as sensors, connectivity, and data analysis. These systems enable real-time monitoring of parking spaces and provide accurate information about availability and occupancy. Drivers can access current parking data via mobile apps or electronic signage, enabling them to quickly find free parking spaces and reduce unnecessary search times. This not only increases driver comfort but also reduces traffic congestion, lowers carbon emissions, and optimizes fuel consumption
Description: Encadrant :M. BENSENANE Hamdane / Co-Encadrant : M. RAHMOUN Abdellatif
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